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February 28
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She always seemed so strong and unbreakable. She never took advice and she always knew what was good for her. That’s how (Name) was always like, even in front of her closest friends. Representing a strong country like (country) could never allow her to show any sign of weakness so she decided to wrap her real fragile soul in a thick shell.
One day at a world meeting they were discussing some issues when suddenly…
“(Country), I think you should join forces with someone.” Suggested Germany
(Name) frowned at the offer. “Why?”
“Well, you indeed are strong, but you’re also very young and I suppose you could use some help.”
“I do not need help. I am perfectly fine by myself!” The girl snapped back
“Hey, (Country) chill. We just want to help.” America, who was for some reason one of her closest friends, joined.
The girl’s fists clenched angrily. Her pride was being harmed by this offer and she could not allow it. (Country) had been a colony for quite some time and just recently got independent and she wasn’t going to risk her freedom again.
(Name) got up from her chair abruptly and slammed her hand on the table.
“I’m not going to accept to be controlled! I don’t need help!! Not now or ever!”
Anger was building up and she felt like she had to go before it erupted. (Country) stormed out of the door and headed down the hallway, not actually aware of the American following behind. Alfred managed to catch her arm and spun her around.
“(Country)! What’s gotten into you?! Why did you get so angry, it was just a suggestion!?”
The girl’s teeth gritted in pure rage “Because I’m not some weak little colony anymore!! I’m sick of you all looking down on me!”
“What?! We’re not looking down on you! We’re just worried ‘cause you’re so reckless!” America yelled back
“I am not reckless! You’re the ones sticking your damn noses in my country’s business!”
“Ugh (Country), just for once swallow your pride and act like a normal person! You’re so fucking annoying!”
That exact second (Name’s) breath hitched. A heavy feeling squeezed her chest. Her eyes heated up, but she clenched her jaw before the tears came to her eyes. The (nationality’s) hands formed tight fists as she spun on her heel and ran away in the opposite direction.

Your Point Of View…
“Ugh (Country), just for once swallow your pride and act like a normal person! You’re so fucking annoying!”
Those words rang in my mind clearly. Is that really what he thought of me? My heart stopped for a brief second and then I felt my eyes burn. I know I am stubborn, but I never thought it was something bad. Actually I was glad that Alfred and the others were concerned about me.
‘You’re so fucking annoying!’ that’s what shocked me the most. America was my best friend and yes, we have had our arguments, but I never thought he would find me annoying. I was about to start crying so I just spun around and ran.
I exited the building and headed straight to my home. The tears were already flooding my eyes and I could do nothing to stop them.

Alfred’s POV

It’s been a while since my argument with (Name) and I haven’t heard of her. I’m starting to get worried. I didn’t mean to sound so harsh. She isn’t annoying, but it just slipped as I was so angry. That’s it! I’m gonna go to her, this waiting is driving me insane.
Neutral POV

Alfred stopped in front of the big mahogany door of (Name’s) house. He pressed the doorbell nervously, but no one answered. He frowned in concern and tried to push the doorknob, which surprisingly was open. America let himself in and looked around. He slipped his shoes off and went further in the house. In the living room, next to the leather sofa, he found one of (country’s) shoes while the other one was lying at the beginning of the staircase, which leaded to the second floor. Alfred reached the second storey. Near the one of the doors in the hallway, he saw the white shirt and a little further the skirt (Name) had been wearing earlier. America recognized the door of her bedroom.
“Go away.” Came a muffled answer from the other side of the door
Alfred pushed the door open, revealing a Victorian-styled bedroom. The thick curtains were closed so no light entered the room. (Country) was sitting on the huge bed with her knees, pressed against her chest. She was wearing a thin black nightgown.
At the sight Alfred froze. She looked so different. Her (h/c) hair was spilled over her shoulders and back. The area around her eyes was red and puffy and her cheeks were damp. As he approached her, he noticed the way her small hands squeezed her delicate legs.
“(Name), I-I’m sorry.” America sat on the edge of the bed
“It’s not your fault. I’m the one to blame. I just didn’t want you to see this side of me.” She took in a shaky breath “You see I have always been a colony and now I’m finally independent and I just wanted to prove myself to you.”
“You stupid……. There’s nothing to prove, I love you either way.”
(Name’s) eyes widened at his words. Some more tears slipped down her cheeks as a bright smile spread across her face. Her arms flew around Alfred’s neck as she pulled him in a hug.
He embraced her as well and buried his face in her hair.
(Name) rested her chin on his shoulder when she spoke.
“Hey, Alfred? Why do I feel like my stomach is flipping every time I’m with you?”
The boy pulled away form the hug and cupped her cheek. (Country) met his sky blue eyes for a short second before his lips pressed against hers

“Is that your weird way of confessing to me?”
Okay, so this is my very first Hetalia story AND it is also my very first oneshot. I'm really sorry if it's crappy, but if you actually like it I will gladly take requests! Anywho I do not own you or the characters from Hetalia I simply own the plot of this little story.
Hetalia-->Himaruya Hidekaz
You-->America (Happy) [V1]
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